👋 Hi! I’m Max Murphy. This is my page of the internet.

I’m a design thinker, research evangelist, and data-nerd. I spend a lot of my time thinking of how to problem solve. I believe any problem can be broken down into four main components; Understanding, Planning, Execution, and Improvement. By harnessing each of these facets in my work, I can lead teams through ambiguity, collaborate to create common conclusions, and mentor along the way.

Recently I’ve been consulting for a large multi-billion dollar IoT enabled supply chain pilot, building AI driven machinery to help make non-profits more efficient, and leading product strategy for one of the worlds largest payment service companies.

I want this site to be an archive of my personal and professional projects, a public journal, and an outlet for me to freely express my ideas. Feel free to follow along, as there is always more to come.