illustration portraying me juggling user experience, technology, and business goals

I research data, analyze information, and execute action.

I consult organizations on how to power innovation through diversity, creativity, and collaboration. I am currently leading strategic product development initiatives at PayPal.

illustration portraying me juggling user experience, technology, and business goals
Research, strategy, prototyping, design, code

Core disciplines

I integrate a mix of hard and soft data into every plan, product, and strategy I outline. Each discipline is just as important as another, and together they create a sustainable iteration process.

Design process

Product development is an ongoing cycle of identifying problems, exploring solutions, testing, gathering feedback, making changes, shipping to real people, and measuring results. This is how I work.

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Amplified Digital

Senior Analyst - Strategy & Analytics 2021 - 2022

I researched, built, and led the strategy behind the adoption of enterprise-grade self-service MarTech products. This was a hybrid role of both acting as a PM of the product, solution architect working with clients, and analyst defining the strategy from data-driven product insights.


Co-Founder 2018 - 2021

I designed and built experiences, automations, and new processes for the imrpovement of CraniumTap's research and analytics services. Take a look at the case study to see how I've transformed this volitile startup into a sustainable business.

Tribune Publishing

Business Analyst - Revenue & Ad Operations 2019

At Tribune I help launch new products. I spearheaded the development of workflow automation projects that created efficiencies within service fulfullment, operations processes, and estimations of redundency within various local and national teams.

Product illustration for Netlify's core product concept


Product Marketing Manager 2017 - 2019

Full-stack Web Developer 2016 - 2017

At ESI, a group of trades focused colleges, I developed implementations of responsive websites such as,, and I also engineered a dynamic LMS for our online accredited degree programs that thousands of students have completed domestically and abroad.

Express Employment

Software Engineer 2013 - 2015

Junior Software Engineer 2013

I owned the design and development of a new recruitment hub for this national technical recruitment office. I retooled their support software to feed into a cloud-based CRM to allow recruiters to contact and follow up with potential hirees.

desgin build process for recruitment and contractor software.

Freelance Marketing Analyst

MAX Marketing 2013 - 2021

I research insights and provide contextual analysis of product, brand, and customer experiences for a list of clients who exist within multiple industries and verticles.

My clients have included organizations such as StackOverflow, AndCulture, CURE International, Spreadshirt, Papertrail, and many more.

Bachelors of Computer Science

East Coast Polytechnic Institute - 3.54 GPA 2011 - 2014

Where I learned the fundementals of programming, system architecture, database analysis, and software engineering. I was the lead of a summer code camp where we taught Freshmen students principles of cybersecurity and ethical hacking.

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Watching Max's work process and character unfold while working with him was a delight, and the care and mindfulness he infused in every step was inspirational. He is supremely talented, but even above that, he is a thoughtful, conscientious, open minded, positive individual that makes the work environment more inclusive and welcoming for everyone.”

Profile photo of Katie Bingham

Katie Bingham

Tribune colleague

What stands out most about Max is that he is an exceptional person to have on a team. People love working with him. Max communicates well, articulates himself clearly, provides objective feedback, praises when people do well, and speaks up when things aren’t great.”

Profile photo of Sarp Uzkan

Sarp Uzkan

Tribune manager

Max is not just a gifted manager, he also has the patience, dedication and work ethic that motivates the rest of the team. He is one of those colleagues that you wish you could have on every project.”

Profile photo of Mike Vaughn

Mike Vaughn

ESI colleague

I consider Max a rare and genuine soul, an incredibly capable teammate, and strong project leader. I'm thankful to continue to work with him in a volunteer capacity and would be glad to collaborate professionally once again.”

Profile photo of Shari Evans

Shari Evans

ESI colleague

I was impressed with Max's design and engineering talent well before he joined the team full-time. Once on fully board, his technical skills were put to use on numerous projects. Max's passion for his craft and enthusiasm he brought to his projects were immediately visible.”

Profile photo of John Colton

John Colton

Express Employment Manager

My Latest Personal projects

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Kinder For Norfolk screenshot

Kinder For Norfolk

Political Marketer 2021

I ran the political campaign marketing for my fiancee's 2021 run for District 89's Virginia House of Delegates position.

LightVision screenshot


Creator 2020

An open source light and sound visualization tool that outputs real-time visual and auditory haptic feedback.

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DMP Sound Productions screenshot

DMP Sound Productions

Co-Founder 2019

DMP is a group of sound and light engineers who put on in-person and virtual events that cater to the electronic/EDM market.